About Siri

Siri – the Telugu meaning for “Wealth”, introduced by Eenadu, was one of its kind offering from a regional newspaper with specific focus on Personal Finance. With the objective of empowering the readers with information and knowledge, Eenadu introduced the weekly page Siri in the year 2002. To take this further close to the readers and to create interactive platform, Eenadu has created a forum “Siri Investors Club” in the year 2010. Through this forum, Eenadu has been conducting programmes on various topics covering financial planning, investments, loans, taxation, risk protection through insurance etc., Siri Investors Club has a base of about 30,000 members and on an average about 75 programmes are conducted in a year.

To further strengthen our reach to the readers, taking advantage of the power of Digital, Eenadu has built a complementary digital platform “eenadusiri.net”. This is designed to be a user friendly and easily navigable website that can be accessed both through desktops and mobiles.

Eenadusiri.net has a repository of content that covers basic information and principles of investing to advanced tools that facilitate various investment decisions by the readers. The ranges of topics cover information and articles on Financial Planning, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Banking, Taxes, Real Estate, Stock Market investments. Business news is posted as it comes in and articles on contemporary topics and issues are contributed by experts at regular intervals.

In-depth information about listed companies, performance tracking of mutual fund schemes, stock recommendations by brokers and interactive sessions with experts through Q&A and chat sessions are the additional features the website offers.

With the complementary platforms of print, digital and on-ground, Eenadu aims to enhance the knowledge and information base of its readers on personal finance matters and to create wealth for themselves and for the family and to manage and reach all the financial goals.

Ramoji Group

Ramoji Group is a multi dimensional corporate entity headquartered in Hyderabad. The five-decade old Group has grown into one of the most diversified business houses setting benchmarks in every industry it ventured into. Supported by a strong vision and dedicated associates, the Group focuses on delivering innovative products and services. Ramoji Group today spans a broad section of business enterprises including print (Eenadu), broadcast (Eenadu Television Pvt. Ltd.), film production and distribution (Usha Kiron Movies and Mayuri), hospitality (Dolphin Group of hotels), financial services (Margadarsi Chit Fund), retail (Brisah and Kalanjali), FMCG (Priya Foods) and ccomprehensive film making infrastructure and thematic leisure destination (Ramoji Film City, the world’s largest film city).

Eenadu – The largest-read Telugu daily

Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu language daily with a successful history of over four decades. The distinguished daily has set many industry benchmarks enjoying brand loyalty among readers from different socio-economic and demographic backgrounds. Eenadu with a constant rendezvous with innovation and consistent delivery of readers’ expectations has set trends and sustained dominance. Technological superiority, experienced bureau and comprehensive infrastructure have all been integrated to deliver authentic news and views leading to unprecedented readers’ participation.

Its exclusive constituency specific pages that reach out to the vast catchments of Telugu speaking states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are one-of-its-kind in the world.

ETV Network

Eenadu Television (ETV) incepted in the year 1995 with ETV (Telugu), delivering quality infotainment, incisive news and ringside view of the latest happenings in the language of one’s choice. The pioneering satellite television network with unmatched quality content owns a bouquet of seven television channels. The channels include - ETV Telugu (General Entertainment), ETV - Andhra Pradesh and ETV - Telangana - (News & Infotainment) and the exclusive niche channels ETV Plus, dedicated to comedy genre, ETV Life dealing with health and well-being, ETV Abhiruchi, the food and cookery channel and ETV Cinema, the exclusive Telugu cinema channel.

Ramoji Film City – Land of Million Dreams

Ramoji Film City is a unique destination where filmmaking and tourism coexist. It offers world-class solutions to filmmakers as well as complete holidaying and leisure experience for the discerning tourists. With access to complete filmmaking paraphernalia, here a filmmaker can walk in with a script and walk out with a ready-to-show film. Tourists come here to have their dream tour, experience the enchantment, engage in its alluring attractions and have an interactive experience with magic of cinema. Certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest film city, Ramoji Film City is the one and only of its kind in the country. The 2000 acres film city complex is packed with breathtaking avenues, rolling landscape, make-believe locales, striking gardens and colorful fountains. Around 2000 films in almost all Indian languages including blockbusters have already been shot here till date. Its facilities enable simultaneous shooting of several films. Around 200 film units come here every year to realise their celluloid dreams. The perfect getaway of fun with exclusivity of film-induced tourism is famed for thematic attractions, interactive entertainment, rides, games, carnivals and adventure. It is also home to multiple Nature-based attractions like a bird park and butterfly park. Ramoji Film City is ideal for grand weddings, corporate conferences and excursions besides holiday makers drawing 1.5 million tourists every year.

Ushakiron Movies Limited – Making films for families

A reputed film production company, Ushakiron Movies has produced over 50 films in all major Indian languages. With several blockbusters to its credit, the movies produced by Ushakiron are distinctly different in their approach and provide clean and wholesome entertainment. With over two decades of experience in aesthetic filmmaking Ushakiron Movies can also be credited with identifying talent and encouraging it with opportunities.

Mayuri Film Distributors – Distributing ultimate entertainment

Mayuri Film Distributors showed the film industry the most ideal corporate setup to run the challenging film distribution business. A scientific approach was instituted where analysing the film, its prospective audience and their tastes and expectations, formed the key inputs in the business. The decade journey established Mayuri as a key distributor in the Indian film scenario associated with bringing clean and family films closer to the audience.

Dolphin Group of Hotels – Hospitality personified

Serving more than just a smile with its friendly chain of hotels, Dolphin promises the most pleasing stay with value-added services and world-class ambience across its hotels in Hyderabad and Vizag. Having started its journey with Dolphin Hotel in Vizag, the chain set a benchmark being the first star hotel of the port city.
Luxury hotel Sitara and economy hotel Tara located in Ramoji Film City come with self-suited budgets and attractive packages for corporates and honeymooners besides holiday seekers.

Margadarsi Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd. – The other name of trust

The Chit Fund is a name to trust among the households of Andhra Pradesh for more than four decades. It is a revolution in the history of co-operative investment and finance and with high quality service, credibility and delivery, the company went on to win the hearts of the people in the state from all walks of life.
The subscriber base today touches a whopping figure of 3,46,574 happy faces generating a turnover of Rs.7750 cr from 105 branches spread over Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Brisah – Reflecting myriad of moods

A high-end and premium collection of women’s wear, Brisah carries you through a wonder world of exquisite outfits and heavenly apparels that match the mood and soothe the senses for any woman. Be it corporate fitting, wedding garments or party wear, Brisah is a threshold to unravel the capacious compilation.

Kalanjali – Address to the Indian art

It’s a virtual treasure trove of Indian arts, crafts and textiles showcasing the Brand India through priceless collection of souvenirs. With majestic display in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vizag, Kalanjali is a kaleidoscope of collections for fine living and those handpicked from master craftsmen and weavers. Kalanjali also has a presence in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Baroda.

Priya Foods

Priya Foods epitomizes the age-old tradition of the Indian cuisine. The food brand explores ethnicity and finest flavours of India with all its richness and diversity. The leader in food and commodities market delves into the understanding of traditional Indian cuisine and dishes out extensive product offerings. In the year 1980, Priya Foods made its debut revolutionizing the concept of packaged traditional pickles. Processed from the quality produce, it presented 6 different flavours which now has 36 varieties. The 36 year-old enterprise packs a wide range of food products that include pickles, condiments, edible oils, ready-to-eat snacks and sweets, masala powers, pastes and commodities. One of the leading exporters of food products to several countries, Priya, serves customers across 21 countries with wide-ranging 150 products.

A bouquet of online initiatives

The group has a bouquet of websites and associated businesses in education (eenadupratibha.net), matrimonial (eenadupellipandiri.net), women (vasundhara.net), classifieds (eenaduclassifieds.net), and Telugu news portal (eenadu.net).

Education eenadupratibha.net

This is the one-stop solution to all the queries of the aspiring candidates preparing for various competitive exams. Constantly updating with the information regarding the day of the notification of a particular exam till the date of the examination, it generates a continuous flow of information with study materials, daily exercises, model question papers and guidance notes etc.

Matrimonial www.eenadupellipandiri.net

An online initiative, eenadupellipandiri.net is the name to rely on for ideal Telugu matches from anywhere in the world. With user-friendly features, easy navigation and exhaustive and diverse database.
It promises to bring the dream match close to reality, just with one click.

Women www.vasundhara.net

In the changing times, as women have emerged as independent articulating their aspirations, the portal dedicated to women’s issues gives an opportunity to articulate, empowering women with information and learning.

Classifieds www.eenaduclassifieds.net

The portal provides online platform through which advertisements can be booked for the release in “Eenadu Classifieds” – the print version of the same. It is a dedicated online classifieds service conceived for servicing B2B / B2C segment. Eenadu – the largest circulated Telugu language daily has been part of the prestigious Ramoji Group.

Youth Portal www.eeyuva.com

Learn. Share. Grow
It’s the idealism and unrestrained exuberance that characterize youthfulness. It’s also time for the efflorescence of spirit and exploration of new turfs. Considering today’s youth are so driven and digitally empowered, Eenadu launches an exclusive portal which is trendy and appealing with an exciting blend of information and entertainment.

With a firm conviction in the dictum - knowledge advantage is key to innovation - EeYuva engages in a spectrum of choicest topics that excite the new generation and help them sustain their growth. The paradigm of content it offers is highly insightful and relevant, encompassing all the topics of youth’s interest.

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మీ ప్రశ్న

ధన్యవాదాలు, త్వరలో నిపుణులు మీ సందేహాన్ని నివృత్తి చేస్తారు

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షేర్ మార్కెట్ లో పెట్టుబ‌డి పెట్టేందుకు ప్ర‌స్తుత ప‌రిస్థితులు అనుకూల‌మ‌ని భావిస్తున్నారా?


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