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Users can register on the eenadusiri.net website by fulfilling the information requirements. The information collected during the registration process (e.g. name, address, e-mail, contact numbers etc.) is used to identify you as a user and sending you requested information from time to time.

15. Data with regard to the usage of resources on the website also constitute personal information and could be used for analysis of our services and enhance the value of our online offerings with time. We aim to keep you updated with our latest offerings and build a long standing relationship with you.

16. eenadusiri.net sources information relating to investment options, mutual funds, shares, debentures etc., from various third party sources on “as is where is basis”. Users / Investors are therefore advised to seek professional advice and/or cross verify the information before investing. Eenadusiri.net shall not be held responsible or liable for any inaccuracy in the date made available on the website.

17. eenadusiri.net website publishes articles which in the opinion of editorial team would interest the investors. The articles are sourced from qualified investment advisors and due care and caution in exercised in the selection, timing and publication of articles and other information relating to the investment options. However, such articles being opinion of individuals shall be taken only after cross verification with experts and professions.

18. Investment in shares, debentures and mutual funds being a highly risky, investors are cautioned to obtain professional advice. eenadusiri.net shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss that may be suffered by users / investors on account of their acting based on the articles published in the website.

19. eenadusiri.net does not vouch about the accuracy of the data and views expressed in the articles.

20. Trading in stocks, debentures and mutual funds is inherently risky and the profits and loss are determined by the timing of investing in a stock and exiting. All such decisions shall be taken by the user / investor diligently and eenadusiri.net shall not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss that may be suffered by the user / investor in story trading.

21. eenadusiri.net their employees, agents, workmen are not authorized, competent and licensed to provide stock tips. All research reports are sourced from accredited financial analysts on “as is where is basis”. Users / Investors are advised to exercise caution in using any such information as stock marketing is highly volatile, risky and the profit / loss are governed by marketing sentiments and timely investment and existing. eenadusiri.net, their employees, agents, workmen shall not be responsible / liable for any loss suffered by the user / investor.

22. eenadusiri.net operates chat session through third party financial analyst and experts to help investors clear their doubts relating to investment options. Chat sessions are mainly intended to give the investor’s information on various investment options but about the advice given in chat session shall not be construed as a professional advice. eenadusiri.net does not vouch any responsibility / liability for any damage or loss suffered by an investor and eenadusiri.net mainly acts as a facilitator between the investor and the expert and provides the chat platform only as a value added service to the user / investor. Users / investors are advised to exercise caution and if necessary obtain professional advice for their requirements. eenadusiri.net shall not be responsible / liable for any loss / damage that may be caused to the user / investor by any advice or suggestion or report made / given by the expert in the chat session.

23. The various rankings of mutual funds and high yielding shares, debentures and other options of investment are purely based on the analysis made by experts and all such information / data sourced by eenadusiri.net on “as is where is basis” and is provided to investors as a value added service without assume in any personal responsibility / liability as to the accuracy of such information.

24. eenadusiri.net offers advisory services on matters like taxation, insurance, banking; loans and such other financial planning that may be required to users / investors on a day to day basis. All these services are provided free of cost by eenadusiri.net through their panel of experts.

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